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Barry Herbison

"I've had the incredible privilege of being coached by Ally Boggs since the inception of my triathlon journey four years ago. From a novice to finishing three world championship races last year (Ironman, Ironman70.3, and ITU Long Distance), Ally has been instrumental in shaping my success in the sport. Ally's coaching has been nothing short of transformative. Her expertise and passion have guided me to the start line of every race in the best possible condition. What sets Ally apart is her innate ability to understand individual needs and tailor her coaching approach accordingly. Her extensive record of achievement in the sport, combined with her evident passion and knowledge, make her coaching truly exceptional. Beyond achieving goals, Ally's focus on fostering personal growth and development has been paramount. She has provided invaluable insights, practical strategies, and unwavering support throughout my training sessions. In Ally's coaching, I found a safe and trusting environment where I felt empowered to confront challenges, push boundaries, and strive for excellence. Ally's impact extends beyond my own journey; she has also coached my children to Ironman70.3 and Ironman success, further highlighting her remarkable ability to inspire and guide others toward their goals. Ally is more than just a coach; she is a mentor, a motivator, and a true advocate for her clients' success. Her dedication to my progress has been evident in every interaction, and I am immensely grateful for the positive influence she has had on my life and my family's. For anyone seeking a coach who will not only inspire and challenge but also guide them toward realizing their full potential, I wholeheartedly recommend Ally Boggs. Thank you, Ally, for an unforgettable journey of self-discovery and empowerment!"

Brittney Litton

"Ally has been an incredible help for me over the years, she has improved by freestyle by being able to communicate ideas in a way that is easy for me to understand. I go and see her for a session every time I am able to."

Warren Petry

"Am an older athlete wanting to compete in Triathlons could not swim, had tried several methods of learning with poor results. In one hour Ally had me swimming confidently and with a clear understanding of technique and what was needed to progress my swimming capability."

Kay Stansbury

"I have been super lucky enough to have Ally as my amazing coach now since 2021 getting me through my first Ironman in December 2022 and then again getting me ready for Ironman New Zealand again in March 2024 - as well as a couple of half Ironmans along the way and some other events. I LOVE Ally Boggs Swim Clinic. She’s an amazing coach who will guide and care and support but also she’ll kick you up the butt when it’s needed. She give great and honest feedback - calls me out on my BS and also provides great life experience as well. I would totally recommend Ally to anyone wanting swim, bike, run or triathlon coaching. I couldn’t do what I’ve done without her!"

Wade Maurice

"10 months ago I set myself a goal to complete an Ironman. I'd never done a triathlon before, didn't even know what a 'TT' bike was, and am embarrassed to say I'd never swum more than a few hundred meters up till that point (Although I'd tried quite a few times in the past couple of years, I'd found it really hard and had given up). But, regardless, I committed to becoming an Ironman and set about figuring out what that entailed, and how to get it done. I bought a bike, got a swim coach and got it done! Many thanks to Ally Boggs (swim coach) and the Hibiscus Tri Club who gave me the confidence to get the swim done in what were challenging conditions, and also provided plenty of knowledge and support along the way."

Rudy Seller

"On the 2nd March I realised a dream of completing an Ironman. Ally first helped me as swimming coach to improve my overall stroke and posture in the water. This greatly improved my overall performance which I am extremely grateful for. Even after her coaching the support she provided me on the run, during the event, just to provide advice on my running technique and what I should be eating helped me to achieve this goal. Ally thanks so much!!! I highly recommend Ally as triathlon coach!"

Claire Edgeler

"Amazing coach - Ally listens to understand, is free in her thinking of what is needed to support the whole person. She understanding the demands of life and has worked the right training plan to support the goals. Her ability to support confidence in the water and all the other more technical things of learning to swim in the open water has given amazing me confidence to 'just do it'. Thanks Ally - from Clair E!"

Bruce Cain

"Over 2 careers I've qualified in physical endeavors ranging from commercial diving to sky diving and plenty in between. I learned more in 60 minutes with Ally than in any other 60 minute period of instruction I've received. The improvements were visible immediately and the "homework" led to consistent gains over a sustained period of practice. I highly recommend taking the plunge- Ally's teaching, the philosophy behind it and her delivery are all on point."

Claire Anderson

“Thanks for the private swimming lessons! I didn’t think I would crack the 40 min barrier for the Half Ironman swim but your swim coaching helped me achieve just that with 0:38:18. I appreciate all of your help coaching me for the Port of Tauranga Half Ironman. Your triathlon coaching expertise took my time down from 6:53:22 to 5:45:20 within just one year. I have learnt a valuable lesson that triathlon training programmes sourced from the internet aren’t as effective as the real deal – a qualified Tri NZ Coach. I won’t be making that mistake again and I look forward to you helping me take even more time off this coming triathlon season.” – Claire

Lisa Campkin

“Ally- I don’t have any words that can thank you enough for the change you have helped me create and the skills you have helped me develop. I know you’ll argue that I did all the hard work, but without you in my corner it would have been so much harder, and far less enjoyable. I liked you from the moment I met you and love your teaching and coaching style. Your straight up approach really works for me and you seem to know when I need a kick up the bum, or a well done. I value you so much and am already looking forward to having you as my coach again (next year!)” – Lisa

Anna Salek

“The thing that has made the biggest single difference to my speed is fine tuning my technique with Ally. I’ve been swimming on and off since childhood without really giving much though as to how I swim.  I started regular squad swimming a few years ago, that certainly improved my performance.  But the thing that has made the biggest single difference to my speed is fine tuning my technique with Ally.  It’s now part of my annual regime… doctor, dentist, Swim Clinic.  Both visits have produced EUREKA moments where Ally has identified elements of my technique that needed attention and have ultimately made me much faster through the water.  I’ve discovered it’s a whole lot easier  to get faster by changing how I swim than spending endless hours ‘going hard’ in squad.” – Anna

Gerrard Smith

“…just wanted to follow up and say thanks. The simple things you showed me have made a big difference to how I feel in the water. The kick just balances everything so nicely and takes a load off the arms. And my shoulder niggle disappeared overnight. Thanks again. I’ll definitely be sending more people your way when I can.” – Gerrard

Rob Dallimore

“Ally’s swim clinic was of great benefit to me in trying to cut my swim time down. Ally made things very clear and simple to understand and I felt I left her session with the tools to get that swim PB – which I did! Thanks for your time Ally, perhaps next session you could have 4 or 5 other swimmers in the tank at once to simulate a race start – that would be worth watching!” – Rob

Mandy Stephens

“Just wanted to say I was so pleased that I attended both your freestyle kick and drills sessions – best money I’ve spent and really given me lots to work on. Would definitely love to see you come back sometime in August. Many thanks.” – Mandy

William Brown

“I was amazed at how quickly I improved. I went from always last out of the water at club swims to being right up there and I really believe Ally made me quicker at Ironman.” – William

Denis O’Shae

“Hi Ally, I have put all of your techniques to use with devastating results, I seemed to be arriving at the wall sooner than expected and hitting the wall at a faster pace than before, WOW, you are good!! I really like all the analogies you used and I wondered if you have written a book yet on swimming technique.  I feel like I want to learn more and be able to pass some of this on to our kids as I take them to the pool every weekend.” – Denis

Bevin McKinnon

“Having worked as a Swim Coach I was very impressed with the visual feedback during and after the lesson. Both the endless pools reflective mirror strips and the DVD gives you a perspective of your swimming that other facilities don’t offer. As a learning tool for technique this proves invaluable.” – Bevin

James Crocker

“Just been for a pool sesh and I´m 37% quicker! You are incredible!! Have only done 250M each time at that pace today but pretty sure I´ll knock out the 550 in the next couple of sessions. Finger painting is awesome…. I can´t believe I can go that much quicker already and I haven´t even refined the techniques. I know I should have been slow finger trailing – just got too excited. I´ll practice more over the weekend.” – James

Dermott Smith

“Just a quick note to say thanks so much for the session last night……. money well spent. I went home and watched it again and again and can’t get over how quickly you were able to focus on the areas I needed tweaking and the improvements as a result. I was totally impressed and you have my recommendation. Now the real work begins in translating what I’ve learned into practice. Thanks again” – Dermott

Andrew Davidson

“Firstly thanks for the enlightening lesson and DVD the other day. I found it to be the most beneficial lesson/ feedback that I have had. The DVD is a very powerful means of reference and certainly provides a valuable tool to assist in visualising what needs to be done.

I went down to the pool today and felt the benefits coming through almost straight away. In saying that I was doing the drills in blocks of 66 meters so I could hold form. I did 10 x 66 of board work (33 breathing on each side) and did a 66 swim between each with bilateral breathing. At the end of each 66 I stood against the pool wall and did 20 kicks with each leg concentrating on the glut/toe flick movement. Some interesting take outs. This is the first time I actually have enjoyed kick board work as I was actually going somewhere, secondly the bilateral breathing is a bit of a paradox in that it felt great for balance /power but it also took me out of my comfort zone from a breathing point of view especially on my left side so I will have to gradually build both confidence and distance as I finished with a 100 and I felt puffed. I will need to be disciplined and patient to make the changes to my breathing. Might just have to relax a bit. I need to turn the kick and the breathing into habits.

So far so good. Thanks” – Andrew

BEVAN MCKINNON – IRONMAN NZ ’08 Age Group Winner – IM07 Swim 54.45  IM08 Swim 49.59

TIARE LUND – IRONMAN NZ ’08 Age Group Winner – IM05 Swim 1.23.09  IM08 Swim 1.16.26

WILL BROWN – IM07 Swim 1.17.04  IM08 Swim 1.05.58

HAMISH TAYLOR – IM07 Swim 1.01.52  IM08 Swim 54.27

GREG FOSTER – IM07 Swim 1.30.02  IM08 Swim 1.23.40

PAM MORRIS – Om TO 3.8km in just 7months – IM08 Swim 1.40.59   IM’10 Swim 1.22 and Kona Qualifier

MICHELLE SIMPSON – Tauranga Half IM ’08 Age Group Winner – Tauranga Half IM ’07 Swim 36.00,   ’08 Swim 32.24

ROB DALLIMORE – Tauranga Half IM ’07 Swim 31.08,   ’08 Swim 28.40

SCOTT MCGREGOR – National Std Distance Champs ‘08 – Swim 20.00 – 3min PB