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Arena Swim Bouy

Arena Swim Bouy

Arena Swim Safety Tow Float/Dry Bag in orange. Enjoy open water swimming with safety and keep your belongings protected and dry.

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The safety device features a waterproof dry storage space (17Litres) along with an inflatable compartment to keep it from sinking and handy carry handle. It provides something to grab onto if you get tired or run into problems. The float will support your weight if you need to rest during your swim and furthermore, with its bright color (orange), it will provide you with an outstanding visibility in the water, so boats, jet skis, wind surfers and other fast moving water lovers will know where you swim and will stay clear from your area. 

What can I fit inside?

  • What can you fit in to your Arena Swim Safety Float - a large towel, snacks, hydration, running or hiking shoes, sweatshirt, or valuables, (wallet, keys, phone).

How to use it?

It is simple. Just put your items inside the dry bag, so it won't get stolen or so you can use it wherever you plan to swim to. Wrap it up to make a water tight seal (fold over 4 times), inflate it by blowing into the valve, twist the valve cap to close, tie it to your waist and go for a dip. When you get tired, just grab the float, lay on your back, keep it pressed to your chest and relax. 

If you have very special items you are putting in the bag it is a good idea to put them in a waterproof sealed bag or container as even though these are dry bags condensation can occur when inside and outside temperatures are a level that can create moisture. 

If condensation occurs the bag may deflate a little, simply just open the valve and inflate at any time.