Training Program - Return to Running -13 weeks

Training Program - Return to Running -13 weeks
Are you recovering from an Achilles injury, any other injury, or a surgery? OR, you just haven't run for a while?
Online via the Training Peaks platform.
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Are you recovering from an Achilles injury, any other injury, or a surgery? OR, you just haven't run for a while?

This program is ideal for recreational runners and triathletes of all levels to rehab back to running! So if you were already running pre injury, a half marathon was commonplace, (or maybe a new goal), and you really don't know where to start...this is for you.

Your physio and/or surgeon has had you walking for a few weeks or months now, and it's time to take that awkward step back into running. Can I? Should I? First things first - if you can hop on the injured leg without pain or loss of balance, it could be time to start a gentle return to run program. Your physician will confirm this for you.

Alongside prescribed static exercises, use this program to develop base strength and confidence in your running ability post injury or surgery. Consider building speed and power only on satisfactory completion of this gentle return to running plan.

0km to 21.1km in just 13 weeks! Perfect for base training.
If just 10km is your goal, finish the program at week 9!

The structured workout program starts with a simple 15min walk/run workout that progressively expands in duration and distance for 9 weeks, and then you will be running non-stop and steadily increasing the miles. Using 'Rating of Perceived Exertion' (RPE)* to provide structured control on pace, you will complete the 13 week schedule with a 16-21km time trial to see where you are at regarding pace management and overall speed. Only after that can you prepare to fine tune that speed you had before the injury! There is however a little encouragement in there for you, if you are physically able, to push a bit more in the latter weeks!

Automatically export your structured workouts to your device - A number of major device manufacturers and virtual training platforms offer automatic structured workout export with TrainingPeaks. Once authorized, your structured workout for the day on TrainingPeaks will seamlessly export to your device or virtual training platform. Either manually add a workout into your run settings on your device so it beeps when the interval is up, OR facilitate 'Structured Workout Export' to your device by following the instructions found here:

You will need some NEW running shoes (preferably tested, videoed and approved on a treadmill at a specialists shoe store), comfortable socks, sunscreen, cap, glasses and your preferred running attire suitable for your climate. Wrap up warm to protect muscles and joints in the winter, and finish with a cold swim in the summer (if you can!).

Most importantly, listen to your body - if you feel niggles (old or new), stop and walk home! Premium subscribers can cut and paste the program ahead after taking some days/weeks off to settle any issues. Basic subscribers can move workouts from the past to 'today' before uploading completed workouts.

Go out there and ENJOY! YES - you WILL run again!

And, lastly, if you have any questions feel free to email me on

* RPE - Rating of Perceived Exertion - A subjective rating of how hard one is exercising at a given moment, usually on a scale of 1-10 or sometimes from 6-20.

About Ally Boggs - Ally managed her own successful return to run program after Bilateral Pincer Rim Resections for Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI), and on a separate occasion Bilateral Achilles Tendon Combing Repair. During her 20+ years competing in and coaching triathlon she has had vast experience in assisting others with return to running initiatives in a variety of circumstances. These include post injury and surgery, weight gain and loss, and time-out from sport. Her BEST advice : 'Be patient - SLOW is your friend!'.