Training Program - Swim 2km - Beginner 24 weeks - Block 1

Training Program - Swim 2km - Beginner 24 weeks - Block 1
For novice swimmers wanting to complete a 2km swim event, or participate in a long distance triathlon event, in 24 weeks you WILL achieve this! Weeks 1-12 available in PDF download of via Training Peaks.
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Block #1 (12 weeks) of this 24 week program takes you from swimming 25m non-stop to 300m non stop - with the longest session being a total of 2.3km! Utilizing freestyle swim drills to promote balance, control, stability and streamline, this 12 week block progresses the athlete slowly but effectively to increase total distance in achievable intervals up to 300m. Block #2 continues the athlete to 2km non-stop, with the largest session being 3.3km. With clear drill descriptions and helpful tips, this program has been trialed and proven to assist many athletes in achieving their goal.

You will need a pool facility near you, a swimsuit suitable for swim training, cap and goggles. A pull buoy, kick board and finger paddles are introduced as the weeks progress. And patience!

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