Arena Tracks Goggle

Arena Tracks Goggle
Ally's favourite goggle style - fits like a glove on everyone, minimal drag, super comfortable, & looks sexy (if one can look sexy in cap and goggles!).
NZ$ 34.00
  • <span class="cmsChildCode">A.92341.31</span> <span class="cmsChildSize"></span> <span class="cmsChildColour">White-Clear-Blue</span> <span class="cmsChildStyle">Clear</span> <span class="varPrice"></span>
  • <span class="cmsChildCode">A.92370.74</span> <span class="cmsChildSize"></span> <span class="cmsChildColour">Black-Blue-Multi</span> <span class="cmsChildStyle">Mirror</span> <span class="varPrice">+$ 5.00</span>
  • <span class="cmsChildCode">A.92370.55</span> <span class="cmsChildSize"></span> <span class="cmsChildColour">Black-Smoke-Silver</span> <span class="cmsChildStyle">Mirror</span> <span class="varPrice">+$ 5.00</span>
[{"colour":"White-Clear-Blue","code":"A.92341.31","size":"","price":29.565,"qty":9999,"pid":3057678,"style":"Clear","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/538644/pid3057675/72e7ff29-3983-466b-8b11-54a1d3c7a293.jpg","title":"Arena Tracks Goggle"},{"colour":"Black-Blue-Multi","code":"A.92370.74","size":"","price":33.913,"qty":0,"pid":3378798,"style":"Mirror","disabled":true,"imgsrc":"/images/538644/pid3057675/92370-074-TRACKS_MIRROR-001-FL-S.jpg","title":"Arena Tracks Goggle"},{"colour":"Black-Smoke-Silver","code":"A.92370.55","size":"","price":33.913,"qty":9999,"pid":3892403,"style":"Mirror","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/538644/92370-055-TRACKS_MIRROR-001-FL-S.jpg","title":"Arena Tracks Goggle"}]
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Arena Tracks Goggle cuts through the water with crystal-clear vision with our essential racing goggle and are also prefect for long training sessions due to their superior comfort. - Low profile lens - Comfortable silicone strap - Dual silicone strap with RFA adjustment - Hydrodynamic racing goggles - Anti-fog treatment - Suitable for long-hour training - Secure fit for racing Polycarbonate Hard lenses with superior optical properties ensuring perfect vision. Antifog Silicone dual strap with RFA (Racing Fit Adjustment). RFA provides a secure fit for expert swimmers who need a strong and tight fit to secure the goggle during the dive.

How to Choose Your Lens:

  • Clear Lens: Perfect for low light conditions such as those found in a dimly lit indoor pool, or outdoors when the sun is not present (before sunrise and after sunset).
  • Mirrored: The tint of Mirrored lenses are ideal for swimming in full sun and bright light conditions. They provide a darker tint than the Smoke lens.