Training Program - Swim 2km - SPEED BOOSTER - 12 weeks

Training Program - Swim 2km - SPEED BOOSTER - 12 weeks
For swimmers and triathletes having already completed a few 2km swims and would like to complete another 2km event in a faster time. PDF File Download OR via Training Peaks.
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If you are an accomplished swimmer having already completed a few 2km (1.24mile) swims and would like to complete another 2km swim event (or triathlon) in a faster time, in just 12 weeks you WILL achieve this!

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This 12 week program leads into your A race and includes a 2 week taper. If you have more time, repeat the program twice over 24 weeks, you'll only get stronger and faster! The program takes you from swimming shorter intervals with longer recovery to longer intervals with shorter recovery - building your critical swim speed as you progress, (see below for more information on CSS). With 4 separate workouts per week focusing on speed, strength, threshold and long intervals, sessions vary between 2000m and 3700m and utilises freestyle swim drills to promote balance, control, stability, strength and streamline. The first 10 weeks progresses the athlete slowly but effectively to increase total distance at 'threshold pace' in achievable intervals up to 1900m. The final 2 weeks taper and sharpen the athlete, ready for race day.

Starting with a time trial session, you will calculate your Critical Swim Speed (CSS), or Threshold Pace, and use this to chose sessions A, B or C on any given workout. Very simple! With clear drill descriptions and helpful tips, this program has been trialed and proven to assist many athletes in achieving their goal of a personal best time.

Based on your calculations, we will call your CSS an A, B or C as below:
C - CSS - You swim 7:30 or slower for 400m
B - CSS - You swim 5:45-7:30 for 400m
A - CSS - You swim sub 5:45 for 400m

When completing the workouts in the program, ignore the sets that are NOT your own CSS - ie. if you swim 7:30 or slower for 400m, you will follow the sets next to the letter C. Ignore the B and A sets.

You will need a pool facility near you, a swimsuit suitable for swim training, cap and goggles. Also, a pull buoy, kick board and finger paddles (and/or hand paddles).... a good attitude and patience! It won't be easy, but everything is gained with hard work!

Thanks so much, and enjoy!
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